How to transfer pictured from iPhone to Computer?

I have the iPhone 4S 32GB, and I have tons of pictures I wanna transfer from my iPhone to my computer. Since everything with iDevices is associated with iTunes, my pictures aren't in a iTunes library. So how to I get then to my computer? P.S I already tried to email my photos from y phone to computer, but my phone won't let me email pictures.

the easiest way to do this is to open the iPhoto app and sync it to your phone when the phone is plugged in. if you dont have a mac computer you may have to download the app. another way you can try is through bluetooth. turn on your phones bluetooth and sync it to your computer. from there you can "browse device" and access the photo folders.. and from there you just drag and drop!

How to convince Verizon to give me a free iPhone with free data plan?

Okay so i have had my crappy Samsung slide phone for about a year and can't switch my contract now,but my phone won't work. I was on the phone with verizon and they wont work with me what is something that will help me get them to give me the iphone (anyone) for free with free data? if you help me i will seriously love you forever.

why would they give you a free iphone and data plan? they dont give it to anyone else for free...

How to get panoramic camera for iphone 4?

I upgraded to ios 6 and jailbroken my device teatherd. How do I get the panoramic camera.

Try this:

How to switch between video recording and photography on Nokia e7?

My screen is partially damaged and I need to switch to video recording mode. The part of screen which is damaged includes the place where I can change it. The rotation of mobile doesn't help. Does anyone know how to do it through the keypad. Thankfully, it's fully functional.

I can only think of two solutions. However they both involve the use of paid apps (though it doesnt cost much). These apps are on the nokia store. Quickcam is the first option. it allows you to launch the camera from a locked screen. there is also an option to start the camera in video mode. Camerapro is the second option. it requires you to touch the screen at a different place to change to video mode so you dont have to use the damaged area of the screen. If you are really desparate, then get the apps in another way....which i will not mention here. I just looked through the manual for the E7 and it doesn't mention a way to change modes from the keyboard, though it might be a hidden option.

How to make an apple ID without a credit card?

Im trying to make an apple ID to buy music and apps, but it keeps on asking me for an iTunes card and/or credit card number.
What do I do? I have neither, especially the credit card one.
Any suggestions?

Yes. Open your CD drive tray and stuff it with cash... Or you could just buy an iTunes card or apply for a credit/debit card.

How to transfer multiple files from one Samsung Galaxy s3, to another?

Just recently got my second Samsung Galaxy s3, because a friend of mine completely destroyed my first one. I have countless amounts of pictures,music, etc on my first phone. Is there an easy way to transfer my files to my new phone all at once? Would really appreciate it if you could help!
A method besides Kies Air?

S Beam. Skydrive. Dropbox. Google Drive. Or try taking out the SD card on the old Samsung Galaxy S3 and insert it into the new Samsung Galaxy S3

How to remove iTunes and USB cord icon on my iPhone 3GS screen?

I had a notification to upgrade my software. I completed the process but, I realized that I made a mistake with my username. Now, my iPhone would not open. It shows an iTunes and USB cord icon on the screen. I have pressed the power button and middle button several times already. Do I need to go back to the application and correct it? Can I still open my iPhone and make it work again? Please help.

I'm using iPhone 4 & I also have like this problem. I think don't try too much to open the iPhone, it may reduce your battery life. Go to a expert to solve your problem.

Where is the best place to learn how to flash cell phones for free?

I want to get started flashing phones to Boost and Metro PCS, but everyone wants to charge an arm and two legs.

Idk about free but you can get one cheap on craigslist probably

How to unlock iPhone 3 without a computer?

My connection is too slow (20kb/sec) to download iTunes onto my computer. I already have an iTunes account, I just don't have a computer to do the initial unlock of the iPhone with. It's stuck on a screen that shows a picture of a usb with an arrow towards the iTunes symbol. How do I unlock it without downloading iTunes?

here is a trusted easy unlock guide for iphone 3:

How to delete birthdays from iPhone 4s notification center?

I've tried going to the Calendar app and unchecking the birthday calendar and they don't appear on it anymore however they still appear in the Notification Center. I've tried deleting my email's calendar from my phone and it got rid of the Holidays which I do want to keep. I hate having to see anything other than my appointments there and I can't seem to get rid of these random birthday notifications. Any and all explanations and steps to get rid of these things are more than welcome.

Those things were annoying me too when I was running iOS 5.1.1 on my iPad 2. I fixed that by going into Settings and turning off calender sync in mail. But once I upgraded it to iOS 6, the thing wont go away.

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