How to convince my parents to let me buy yugioh cards online?

I have ordered a couple f times before, but i wanna do it again but they want me to stop playing yugioh- How do i convince them?

ask if they would prefer you to be buying drugs instead?

How to buy the membership after the pirates of the caribbean online?

Well I did not put credit card number I do not no what happens WHAT video shows someone takes a print or explains bought a month
but I'm in Brazil Here are travel and do not know where he sells
I help people?


How to control people on Hearts who stall and hold up the game?

Many people on Yahoo Hearts have a habit of stalling when they are losing. This makes the game really frustrating. I have emailed yahoo about this and they don't do anything about it and it could be easily fixed. Just boot the stallers if they don't play a card within 1 minute. If they continue to take 1 minute to play each hand, boot them.

Really there is nothing you can do, maybe email yahoo asking if they put a timer on each move. but is unlikely unless other people start emailing Yahoo about this. So that is what you should do.

How to summon yugioh monsters like dark necrofear?

So my friend says that in order to summon monsters like black luster soldier - envoy of the beginning and dark necrofear you have to use a card like soul release in order to remove the nessesary monsters from play, is he right or can you simply just remove them from play and summon your monster?

Your friend is dumb. He really dont know or just cheating you. BLS envoy of beginning could be summoned by just removing 1 light and 1 dark monster from grave. No need of a spell or trap or other effect to remove them, just remove them and summon BLS. Same procedure for dark necrofear.

How to build a Six Samurai deck that could win in a tournament?

don't give me a deck list of a Six Samurai deck that won at a tournament, give me tips on how to make a winning Six Samurai deck. tell me what i should put in and why, also what not to put in and why. also is it a good idea to put a stardust dragon, a number 17 leviathen dragon, a blade armor ninja, and a red dragon archfiend into the extra deck.

Use cards that counter opponents cards such as maxx c, effect veiler, and fiendish chain. The main sams you need are elder, kagemucha, kizan, kageki, and of course shi en in extra. The extra deck cards you listed are great besides red dragon. Also make sure you have a good side deck to counter decks. Cards like snow man eater, smashing ground, bottemless trap hole, royal decree, and shadow imprisoning mirror are very helpful. Hope I could help!

How to improve my confidence in doing card tricks for people?

I do fine when practising, but when I go to perform I lose my tone of voice and start making stupid errors and forgetting the tricks.
Any tips?

Practice in the mirror, go through your tricks over and over and work on all the little details. Remind yourself that your audience is not focused on your face, they are focused on the cards. always make sure you have a back up plan in case your tricks go wrong. look on youtube, maybe you can expand your repertoire and look at tricks your more comfortable with. And always have fun XD. P.S. Practice on your mom, dad (don't know how old you are) or someone close that wont laugh at you for messing up. you can even share your tricks with them if they don't tell any one else. Hope this helped!

How to make the Dragons Collide structure deck competitive?

I got 1 copy of the Dragons Collide. What cards do i need more copies of, which cards to take out, and what other cards to add in would be great.

I suggest you get 3 of them first. Also, note that Dragon Collide's build is similar to typical dragon decks. There aren't many significant changes.

How to choose which Magic The Gathering intro deck to start with?

I'm interested in trying out Magic The Gathering, and some people suggested to start out with an intro deck.
However, I've noticed there are quite afew out there and I was wondering how I should go about picking the best one for me?

If you are new to this game, a intro deck is the best way to start because you don't have to worry about building a deck when you don't even know much about the rules and basic of this game. I would suggest you to get one or two Scars of Mirrodin (SOM) Intro packs. Usually cards from an expansion set (ie not a core set. Magic 2011 (M11) is an example of core set) has theme and cards were designed around the theme. It is more fun this way since cards have better synergy within a set. Core sets don't have theme. Besides, SOM being the first set of the newest expansion, there will be two more sets (3 sets in an expansion block) coming out this year. As the new products come out, you will find cards with saggy to SOM Intro packs. This way you can improve your Intro deck to your liking as you get more familiar with the game. Check out this list: It tells you all the cards that come with a particular Intro Pact of SOM. You hover your mouse over the card names, it shows the cards on the right. Have a quick look to see what cards you like more before you buy. Different colour cards do different things in MTG. White: Control type. You'll find angels, clerics, soldiers in white. You also get 'healing spells' (ie you gain life) and prevention spells (ie prevent the next 3 damage) in white. Blue: control via countering and bouncing. Card draw. You'll find Kraken, Leviathan, Drake, serpent, wizard in blue. Black: destruction. You'll find demon, vampire, zombie, skeleton in black. You get a lot of removal spells (ie destroy target creature) and 'diminishing spells' (ie target creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn) in black. Red: burn. You'll find dragon, goblin, sorcerer in red. You gets burn spells and direct damage spells (ie deal 3 damage target creature or player) in red. Green: nature. You'll find bear, elves, archer, spider, wurm, and big creature in green. You get pump spells (ie creatures you control gets +3/+3 and trample until end of turn) and 'restore-to-nature' spell (eg. destroy target enchantment or artifact). Have fun in MTG.

How to get into yugioh and can you guys recommend any starter/structure decks to get me going?

So as by the question title, i really want to get into yugioh again. I used to play in like 2001, but the decks and stratagies are all different. So, therein lies my question, do you guys have any pointers/tips for getting into yugioh again, and can you reccommend a good starter/structure deck?

Thanks in advance.

There are many structure decks out there, but they lack the consistency of a real deck. If you starting out again, you should build Blackwings. It is a Very Strong, cost effective deck that is easy to build and fun to play. Look for top Blackwing Builds and start constructing one. Also If you were really looking to get a structure deck, Machina Mayhem Is a very Strong one that can be very dangerous with 3 combined.

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