How to play pandora from andrpid phone to my car?

No Bluetooth in car. No Jack. And no cassette player. Is there an app to download or do I need to buy something and if so what. Is it called? Links to read please?

You can use an FM transmitter. It's probably the least desired method, but it WILL work. They actually work pretty well if you don't travel long distances very often. They're not that expensive. Basically, it will connect by cable to your phone, and to some sort of power supply - often your cigarette lighter/power outlet. The device receives the signal from your phone then broadcasts it over a weak FM station (that isn't interfered with by local commercial broadcasts). You tune the car radio to that station to receive the music signal. FM transmitters are available in a few different styles ranging from about $20 to $50.

How to get car power wire through fire wall on 1997 Mazda b4000 without drilling?

Theres gotta be wire harness goin from engine compartment to inside vehicle. I
Just dont know where. Please help, im almost done with my car audio install and its a buger.

look on the passenger side under the rug. i don't have that car but that's where mine was. make sure you look on the inside of the vehicle first because behind the firewall is usually tape or something so you can't see the wires. when you find it poke a hole large enough to pull the wire through and still have it be sealed up.

How to install a bazooka tube subwoofer?

Model number BT8100, just need to know if you have to run a line directly to the power if you use the wiring harness.

I'm not sure what you mean by "directly to the power". Do you mean directly to the battery? Or any power source in the car? Obviously it will need power from somewhere. The rule of the thumb when installing any amplifier is that you should run the power wire directly off the battery and have a fuse within 8-12" of the battery. However, that model Bazooka tube uses a tiny amp. Pulls 5-6 amperes. You could easily tap this onto an accessory circuit in the car that already has a 25-30 amp fuse installed, such as the cigarette lighter or a dedicated accessory socket, if you have one. The Bazooka tube doesn't pull enough power to make any impact on a circuit of that size. And even if something were to happen, it's fused on both the Bazooka tube as well as the car. It's very safe and much easier to install. The harness that comes with them should have all the wiring built in. Power, ground, remote and signal input. Wire each line up and plug er in. Done and done. Super easy to uninstall too, if you're into racing or just need the extra space in the trunk.

How to safely disconnect a subwoofer temporarily?

I have easily removable wires on the box side of my newly installed sub so I can easily take it out of the car.

However, I am VERY concerned about the loose speaker wires accidentally touching and shorting out the amp.

What's the recommended way to do this safely? Is there a switch I can use to cut power to the amp?

just pull out the fuse in your amp that will kill everything and you dont have anything to worry about shorting

How to connect my iPod to my car without a cassette player?

I brought a cassette adapter only to find out my car doesn't even have a tape deck! Never realized it. But what do I do now? I hear the transmitters give bad quality... And that's the last thing I want

My friend has a transmitter, works great for him. Has several frequencies he can use so other stations dont try to overpower it. Id get a new deck, get a low end but brand name, itll last you forever and will have a front input for an ipod. Then take your new cassette adapter, cut the cord off, and make your girlfriend a mix tape. Bit**es love mixed tapes.

How to install subs & a amp to 2006 Chevy impala stock stereo?

What is needed to install subs & amp to a stock stereo in a 2006 chevy impala?

The most important part is the hi low interface, from the radio, this takes also the signal from the factory Chevy impala amplifer and provides you with the remote turn on wire this is the best interface because it is made for Chevy factory radio and comes with the original plugs

How to install subwoofers and amplifier to a stock head unit on a 2000 Lincoln LS?

I have two 12" sony explod woofers with a Pyle Amplifier plus all of the wires needed. I now need to know how to install to my stock head unit inside of my 2000 Lincoln LS. PLEASE HELP!!

You will need an adapter

How to I get my radio to play with out having to be hooked up to a amp.?

I want my radio to play with out having to be hooked up to a amp. But i don't know how to re wire it.. What am I suppose to do or where can I get it fixed that's cheep?

I already answered your other question. Take the "signal" wires to the amp and hook them up to some mids.

How to make a system sound better in a minivan ?

I've got a 400 wrms sub and amp and a Sony xplod head unit. I've got pioneer 6.5s in the front an stock in the back. I have my balance +4 in the back because I can't really hear those speakers sitting in the front. I was thinking about running tweeters off the rear then just adding a cheap amp and speakers in the back. Any suggestions? Thanks!

well go for a 600 w amp maybe mono amp then get jbl tweeters in the dash

How to change out my factory car stereo from an 05 Bonneville?

I have a Pontiac Bonneville 2005 3.8 and the stereo on the car is currently the factorys. My question is is there a specific stock radio i would need? I want good quality but as far as making sure it can be done, id like to know before buying anything. I also have ab aux button yet no jack. Is there one behind the radio or perhaps RCA?

Stock head units suck man... i bought a kenwood head unit for only 100$ and its wayyy better than my stock, looks and sound wise, i have a 00 grand am se, and as for aux button but no jack thing, thats weird ive never heard of that, my stock stereo before i got a new one didnt even have that

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