How to get weed in mexico los cabos and how much does it cost?

Im Mexican So i can speak Spanish its just i never been to mexico and i wanna know how to get weed and how much it cost?Please answer!

Mexican`s are not widely regarded as users, in fact some kids make a living selling weed. Any vendor on the beach renting or selling can help you out. All this hype is just that, Noone has been killed for buying weed. It is inferior quality and you can get a Handful for $200.00 mxn Pesos. The penalties have been redued in recent years. The BS about Cops selling weed and the busting the buyer is BUNK, pure and simple fkn nonsense. To think that Mexicans would set up touris for such a minimal amount only to lose $5000 in future tourism revenue is absurd.

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