How to start used car business in dubai?

I am planning to start small used car business as a side income(1 car at a time),how much starting cost of it?and where to find good used car ?except on internet.Can I will survive in boom competition?

One car at a time, is not really a business, but just some side income. Your major investment is the actual purchase of the first car. Maybe some fixing, to get it back on the market. So,,,,,,,,,,,,,how much do you need? well, depends on the first car that you want to buy. Good luck.

How to convince your parents to let you buy a car?

I saved up 5,000 dollars and i am looking to buy my first car! the only problem is my parents wont cosign to loan so i can pay the rest. I have a job and will put every pay check towards it.
Any other tips to convince them?

Run the numbers. There are lots of loan calculators available online, so you can estimate your monthly loan payment. Also look online for insurance quotes, many providers offer free quotes online. Then add in the expenses of gasoline, regular maintenance (oil changes, etc.), annual registration/inspection, etc. Prove you can put that monthly amount in savings for a couple months (and expect to pay that money going forward). This is a trial run at affording the car before you are legally obligated to do so, it also builds up a bigger down payment, and can prove to your parents that you are being proactive and financially responsible. Asking your parents to cosign means asking them to be responsible to the lender for the payments (plus insurance) if you are not able to pay the bills. It's also possible that they don't have the credit needed to vouch for you (i.e. be approved) for the loan. They may have other reasons, like worrying about your safety or commitment to school/work. Ask them why they won't agree to cosign and what you can do to prove to them that cosigning is a good decision... then do it. Worst case scenario, save your money and buy a car with your own cash - no need for anyone else to cosign on a loan.

How to approach an atv dealership to get a job as a high shool mechanic?

I have really no experience but I want to have a Friday/ Saturday job changing the fluids, tires and what ever else they want me to do. The only problem is I'm going to have to learn what they want me to do. So really my question is is how should I approach them with this process. I'm about to buy a new atv and I want to know how to service it on my own once I get it. Basically I want this job just for the skill.
Thanks for all the input!

Are you legal--as in 18? If not, shop insurance doesn't cover minors, so you're out of luck if that applies to you. You won't get hired just to learn on your bike. Even as an entry level gig, nobody wants to hire someone who will just quit ASAP and make it obvious...

How to answer when someone wants to buy a car their yearly salary?

Ex: They are 21 years old and make $25,000 a year.
And they want a 25,000 car.
They have no down payment.

My answer must sound demeaning or condescending.
I now want to be sarcastic and get thumbs up for this one.

totally insane .no other answer to that one .repossesd within the year.

How to take a recently buyed car from the shop if previous owner owe them?

I bought a truck, paid in cash and received the title signed. I was supposed to pick up the truck for a repair shop and they owe the shop some repairs. The shop said they wont let me take the truck until the $1500 dlls are paid. Legally I own the truck and I do not owe anything to the shop. What can I do?

The person who sold you the truck screwed you I suggest that you pay the 1500 dollars or you will lose the truck you do not legally own the truck or you would have it. the mechanic is going to get a lien on the truck and you can wave by by to it. Life is a bitch sometime but the good news is the truck is fixed and has a lot of miles on it If you cooked up a deal to try to get the truck without paying the bill it does not work that way. That mechanic may have your truck in the near future and there is nothing you can do. Pay the 1500 or don't.but you will lose the truck

How to convince parents to let me drive a manual?

I am about to get a car and I want to get a manual as I really enjoy driving and want to be more in touch with the car. My parents can both drive stick so learning isn't an issue but they don't want me to have to worry about a clutch and changing gear my first year driving. Could I have some suggestions as how to convince them.

don't try to convince them show them you can drive a stick as well or better than they can

How to negotiate the price of a used car?

The car I'm looking at is listed for 13,990. I have around 12,000 cash. Would it be reasonable to try and negotiate around my budget or should I look for a different car?

Go and look it over.. see if you can bring a friend that knows a lot about cars (even if you do, it's good to have a second set of eyes) as to have it inspected by YOUR mechanic, not theirs... then when you are ready to buy.. tell them you have 12,000 in cash right now if they want to do a deal.. if they say no... ask them what the best they can do is and if they don't budge walk away.

How to determine how much mileage is too much mileage on a vehicle?

I am interested in purchasing a vehicle of a individual owner. I would prefer a truck, and I have about 4,000 to spend. With that said I have been looking at some Dodge makes and a lot of the trucks around my price range are anywhere from 100,00 miles to 200,000 miles. I know that 200,000 is way to high and is pretty much a bad deal. But I was wondering around what mileage a vehicle (expecially trucks) start to have major maintance problems.

if i have 4k$ id be looking for 110k miles on the clock and it depends really on how the car was drove. if the driver was reckless and the car was maintained poor with 90k miles on, there is a chance that this car would have a beatup engine.

How to go about buying a new car without getting overly screwed?

Any advice? I'm 22 years old and in need of a car. I have a part time job and I'm still in college. I have at the moment 5,000 to put as a down payment. I have good credit as well. I just don't want to get dragged through the mud. The last dealership I went to actually followed me out to my car when I walked away from the deals they were pitching. Horrible.

Without a full time job, you might not even qualify despite $5k down. New cars are really bad deals, Used are slightly better but only if you are a diligent negotiator who knows car values. The dealer is set up to max out profit on every customer. They'll take less. Sometimes far less but only after you've said no a bunch of times. Id say look for private parties selling nearly new cars. People that lost their job and just want out. That way you might be a price closer to wholesale than retail and the remainder of a factory warranty. You can often buy a new car for at or a few hundred above invoice if you know values & play 2-3 dealers against each other. But even then, you lose thousands the minute you drive it off the lot.

How to get approved for a car loan?

I have alright credit. Lost track on a few credit cards because went unemployed for a few months. Trying to get a car at the moment. Willing to do a three thousand dollar down payment but seems like I can't get approved for financing anywhere. Any suggestions on how and where I can get financed or a bank approval for a loan? Like a 3-4thousand loan!

Hey Macy, Everyone has had problems in the current economy and many have lost their jobs. It's commendable that you are getting your life back on track. Now, for the car loan, lenders are considering you risky and that's why rejecting your loan application. Here are few things to help you with your car loan. Lenders will want to know your income so that they can know your capacity of making regular payments. They want you to earn at least $ 1,000. Also, you must employed for sometime, approx. six months. You must be regular in paying your utility bills. This will ensure the lender that you are responsible enough to pay for your expenses. It's great that you are putting down such a large amount. 50% down payment should definitely up your approval chances. Banks have stringent lending criteria.And, you have to be a member of a credit union. There are high chances of getting a loan from a online auto financing company because they have a huge network of lenders. Hope the information is of help to you!!

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