How to get rid of this thinking about bisexual girls?

I find myself extremely attracted to bisexual emo girls with black hair that wears high heels and a have extreme foot fetish. How to get rid of this horrible thinking? Please help if my parents find out I'm attracted to girls like this, they would be mad at me for life.
Haha I said how to get rid of this thinking, not encourage it.

Well everyone has fetishes... just don't scream them. I mean i like scene girls. You like feet. Just don't be lustful and you will be fine.

How to ask a friend if he wants to mutual masturbate?

I have a close friend who often comes to my house for sleepovers. He is straight and so am I, but I just want to experiment. We have masturbated at sleepovers before, but we have never seen each others genitals. We have also talked about masturbation, like our favourite techniques and stuff like that. I need some ideas on how to ask him to mutual masturbate. I don't want to ruin our friendship, but I would like to see what its like.

Jack, I'm not sure what u mean - when u did it before, was it under a blanket or what? Regardless, if u've done that and talked about techniques, u really don't have anything to worry about. He's almost certainly going to say 'yes', but even if he doesn't he's not going to b offended cuz this isn't much more than u've already done. According to The Hite Report on Male Sexuality (a study of 7000 men), 43% of men say that as teens they masturbated in full view of another male(s). The vast majority had no homosexual behavior as adults. For most of us, it's just curiosity and doing something u always do anyway, but w/ a friend(s). Most fun things r more fun when u share it w/ a friend. Next time u have a sleepover, when the talk turns to girls and sexual stuff (as it always does), say something like, 'Hey, can I ask u a really personal question?' Everybody says 'yes' to this cuz we're curious. Then, 'well, u know I'm not gay or anything, but all the times we've jacked off together, I've always been curious what it would b like to c each other naked. I feel kind of weird about it, but at the same time, I'd like to try it. I understand if u don't want to, but what do u think?' If 'no' , then say, 'that's cool, let's play some ps3' If 'yes', just drop ur shorts before it gets awkward. If ur wanting to do it to each other, then after a while say, 'can I touch urs?' Take ur time feeling his balls, the base, giving it a squeeze or two, then kind of continue up the shaft. After u've felt the head all over, just start giving a few strokes. About 1/2 the 43% just watch. Just over half touch. Either way, they aren't any more likely than any other guys to be gay. That's pretty much my situation. I did it the first time w/ my best friend kind of by accident (long story - message me if u wanna hear it or know what it's like). But after that, we did it every sleepover for yrs. I also did it at least once w/ a half a doz other friends. So, I really liked it, but I never would have considered oral or anal or even kissing any of them; and we all grew up straight. So, good luck, and lemme know how it turns out.

How to kiss your girlfriend for the first time?

I'm a 16 year old lesbian and she is bisexual (same age) I'm not very experienced in making the first move and she has never kissed anyone, any advice on how to make a move? And what type of kiss is good for someones first time?

put your lips on hers and dot the best you can

How to join the gay/straight alliance at my school with out anyone knowing that I'm lesbian?

I want to join the gay/straight alliance, but I don't want to be bullied, but I want the support of other people who are going through the same thing, since I'm not ready to come out yet. And what do you even do there :P ? Thanks!

There were people at my school who joined to support their gay friends. It wont cause you to be labeled. It takes a lot of courage to come out as a teen. Being surrounded by people who have done it and survived will help immensely. I think joining, whether you come out now or later is the right thing to do.

How to do you support gay friends and family members?

Once you find out your never the same. People you always care about end up on the bad side. You dont want to accept the fact there lgbt but at the same time you dont wnat to hurt them.

What your heart says is always true. You love them, cause you feel they are not wrong, You head says they are wrong, cause you listened to ideas which said so. But you do know what's right. To let them be as they are. That is your conflict. A way to support people you love you have to make them feel loved. In this world we are always caring about ideas, and ideas can hurt. You have to decide if you rather build your actions on self convincing tools you got inside your mind during life, or if you dare check and listen to what your soul says, which is, he is still your brother, friend, etc. Nothing has changes, just for your mind. A good thing, ideas can be changed, that is how mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters support their gay relatives, because love breaks any idea, and that is wonderful.

How to react when your partner is trying to make you jealous?

Everytime we argue, she does things trying to make me jealous. How should I react?

Ignore it and just walk away. It's obvious she is just trying to get under your skin and if you show her that it's working, she will continue to do it. I had an ex like that and it worked for me. He didn't do it any more because he didn't get the "rise" out of me that he wanted. Good Luck!

How to know if your sexually attracted to men?

I know this sounds weird but how do I know if im sexually attracted to men?

Simple! Do you masterbate thinking of them? if Yes then bang! you're sexually attracted to them. if not then you're not :P

How to make someone feel comfortable with coming out of the closet to you?

So I think this guy just might be gay. And I like him. I want him to feel like he can tell me anything, especially if he is gay and wants to come out of the closet. I always mention that it's okay to be gay when someone says " That's gay!" or things like that. What else can I do. I don't want to push it. I just want to make him feel comfortable and trust me & yes we are friend's. Help?

Become a good friend Talk to him earn his trust with words and actions try and be helpful if he seems down help him you don't want to be harsh try your vest to be honest with him

How to come out as gay at school without mu parents finding out?

I am 13 gay in the closet.I want yo come out at school but i dont want my parents finding out yet.

Tell a couple of good friends, and tell them to pass it on semi-discreetly--i.e., to those who want to know and are sympathetic. It will get back to your parents eventually, but not before it's spread through your whole school, and by that time your parents may not choose to believe it. And meantime, you won't believe how being openly gay, and not pretending to be straight, simplifies your life and makes it easy just to be yourself.

How to measure a penis with a friend?

I was just wondering how to convince my friend (i'm 15 he is 13 and we are both boys) to let me compare penis sizes with him? I know I could convince him but how would I approach it? Also what is the best way to compare penis sizes to see who is bigger taking turns using a ruler, putting our penis' next to each other, or what. Feel free to share stories.
We are both straight.

Comparing feet is more accurate!

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