How to get recruited for basketball and how to get recruiters to come to games?

I'm really looking to get a scholarship for basketball but there are a few problems... I live in sort of a small town in Louisiana and i just think there would be no chance of recruiters coming to games! How to get recruiters to come and what would they be looking for in a player?

believe it or not, scouter will attend all major games in HS college, they will look for potential talent and bring them to college's attention, if you are very good. College will send a scout (and a coach) to see you play.

How to know when to be subbed out in basketball?

I know how to play basketball but I've never played in a league before so i don't know when it is your turn to play or when it is your turn to sit on the bench again. Can someone explain how it works?

Hmm you don't. You try your best to be patient and let the coach do his job. If he's ready to call, you don't react. Just act like you didn't notice that he will pick you or somthing. If he suddenly calls your name, don't rush. Just get up and say what he asked you to do. Then check in. Every coach is different, you never know if they will play you or not. Just be patient.

How to add inches to vertical jump with body weight exercises?

I have ankle weights, I would like to dunk as soon as possible, I'm 13 and 5'8. I have some basic equipment. And how long will your exercises take to make me jump higher?

Increasing your vertical comes down to about 4 main points 1) Lose any extra body fat you might have, this fat is what i call anchor fat because it holds you down. 2) Eat healthy and drink a lot of water, if your urine is not crystal clear than you are not drinking enough water. 3) Fix your broken jumping technique 4) Learn the CORRECT exercises to do and HOW to do them. The how part is crucial because you can do squats or calf raises all you want but if you do not do it the correct way than you will actually hurt your vertical. Heres another tip, the THREE MAIN muscles that help you jump higher are your glutes, your hamstring and your lower back. Utilize all 4 points and you'll increase your vertical go to this site and click the link on the how to jump higher article, itll take you to a video with MORE info.

How to fix this flaw in my shooting form?

So when you shoot obviously you want that 90 degree angle as your arm rises up, but I just can't seem to get it into the position. I always have to kinda push forwards, which affects my arc, and I can have good form for closer shots. It could be a strength problem, but i can do it sometimes. Any tips?


How to get more aggresive while driving to the hoop and finishing at the basket?

Whenever I drive in, I end up getting pushed to the outside and having to take a difficult floater, but When i manage to get through, Im in full speed and I miss.

Also how do I play defense on an extremely good and buff people. I play with older kids that are bigger than I am, and they always push me around becaue im thin. What can I do to stay infront of an extremely quick player and also a good shooter?


How to improve my basketball handles and make them advance by winter?

Hello, Im 5 foot 5 and I want to play basketball for JV Basketball, my handles are intermediate and I need to get to expert by winter.

Different way to imprve my basketeball handles and make them advance by winter. some of way given below....firstly to improve health,lifestyle,diet nutrition etc. It's during these years that players build a base on which they'll continue to build.

How to use your body when driving in?

I know the simplest thing that everyone is going to say is defender> body> ball. But what are some other techniques?

Euro step and hop step maybe?

How to get stronger arms for basketball?

I have 15 lbs dumbbells. It would be best if I could do some workouts at my house cause right now I can't go to the gym. Should I do push ups and pull ups? Also what would be good for increasing my jump?

Jumping Rope Few exercises offer the kind of leg-strengthening benefits that directly help the kind of vertical leaping ability you need in basketball than jumping rope. Just a 10-minute workout of jumping rope will strengthen the long lean muscles in the calves and the rest of your legs. Try jumping rope for five to 10 minutes before and after practice, and then whenever you have a few minutes, to bolster those springs in your legs. Upper Body Workouts Whether it's taking a charge, fighting for a rebound or otherwise mixing it up with your opponents, upper body strength is a key to basketball success. Push-ups can give your whole upper body a good workout, so start with 20 push-ups in the morning and 20 at night, then add five to 10 more with each set when 20 becomes easy. Continue adding more to make sure that the last few you do are a struggle. Try to do 10 pull-ups each day, until they become easy, and then add five more, always making sure you're maximizing your effort on each set. Squats You don't need heavy weights to get a good squat workout. Simply stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your back straight, and bend your knees until your thighs are almost parallel to the ground. Slowly rise back up to the original position and repeat. Do sets of 10 squats throughout the day. Mix it up by squatting and then leaping as high as you can from the squatting position.

How to do make a high school basketball team?

I'm not planning on trying out soon, just wanted to know how I could make a high school team if I ever do try out in the future. Thanks.

Just a lot of dedication. Just playing twice a week won't cut it. You have to either go outside to play once a day (whether it's shoot aroundor pickup games) or if you don't have a hoop go to a gym close to you. Dedication is the answer for everything you want to be successful at. I watched this video and it really seemed to help and motivate me: I hope I helped Nick

How to become more agile for basketball?

I would like to know how to get faster on the basketball court. I'm not necessarily slow, but I am not near as quick as I would like to be. I'm somewhat tall and stocky. Any excerises, muscle groups and tips to improve my agility and speed. I am a sophmore in high school by the way.

i am not kidding but do ballet nate robinson and lebron james did ballet in there teenage years to limber up

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