How to achieve the nickname Nico without using Nicholas as a given name?

For a boy, obviously. I've considered it as a given name, but there aren't many nickname options if kiddo hates it. Any ideas?
Thanks for all the answers! Most of you share my initial thought about just using Nico, which I'd all but talked myself out of.

There is Nicolai. Nico can be used as a first full given name. And if he dislikes Nico, then that is why there are middle names. I do know one boy whose full given first name is Nico and he hasn't had any problems. There aren't many options for full names for Nico. Good luck :)

How to convince my sister to not name her twins these names?

Boy; Buzz
Girl; Renesmee

Aren't they horrid??
How should I put it nicely so the kids don't have to live through life with these names?

Tell her to try and imagine 20 year old's trying to make a career and trying to be taken seriously with those names. It's not going to work. xx

How to pronounce the name Lynnae?

I love the name Lynnae, but could someone tell me with text exactly how you say it, plz? Type it phonetically and put the part of the word you would put emphasis on in capitols or something, plz. Thx guys!


How to.........................?

What are some suggestions to expand this scene?
1: What are you doing?
2. Leave me alone.
1. You just walked out on a date!
2. I mean it, back off.
1. What is going on?
2. You don’t understand
1. What that, your a psycho. You just walked out on a date with the hottest guy in school.
It doenst make sense
2. It does
1. Then stop crying and explain it to me because im obviously stupid and don’t get it
2. Because!
1. Because why?
2. Because I'm in love with you!

Do this yourself!

How to ..................?

Ideas for how to dress slutty (It's for a description of a girl in my story) Like take into account clothes, shoes, tattoos, piercings, hair. Best one wins Best Answer.
Note: The girl is 16.

A picture is worth a 1000 words. See link.

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