How to recover photos from a camera memory card that says they are still there but wont show?

I tried to upload the photos onto my computer when it froze and became unresponsive. When the computer finally became responsive again all of my pictures that were on my memory card for the camera got deleted except for 6 of them. The memory card still says that the pictures are on the card because its close to full but nothing except the 6 pictures will show. How can I recover the photos that were on the camera?

To recover your photo from a memory card you have to use memory card data recovery software's. These software's have great features to recover your all memory card data even it deleted completely from memory card. according to my experience you can try one paid software but recover your data definitely and not much expensive. Source(s):

How to save a picture from an email to a folder on a Android?

I don't have an sd care so I want to save it to a folder.

Just send it 2 ur phone and it should automatically save 2 ur camera roll

How to send a complaint to Omegle?

Does anyone know where I can send a complaint/question to whomever runs Omegle? Thank you.

You can't. They don't take complaints.

Why and how to use instant messaging rather than text or email?

I have never used it and would like to know how to. Do you have to get another user name? When is using this better than email or text? Thank you.

you download yahoo messenger and just following the instructions it is very simple. You can use your email address or another name.

How to send pictures to Instagram without an iPhone?

I have the instagram app on my iPod touch. It is a second generation and doesn't have a camera. Is there anyway to send pictures from my cell phone (not a smart phone) directly to instagram? Please let me know!

1. You can upload it onto your computer and then from there send it through email to your ipod touch. 2. You can send it from your phone to your ipod touch in an email. 3. There are probably apps for this. 4. Take it on someone else's phone and have them send it to your ipod touch. 5. Get a new ipod touch or iphone that takes pictures so you can put them directly on instagram without all of this trouble!!! I HOPE I HELPED GOOD LUCK:)

How to attach zip files to a yahoo email?

I've tried attaching it and sending it multiple times, but the receiver keeps telling me that she's not getting any attached files. It's a zip files with a bunch of pictures in it. It also fits the size requirements of a file to be attached (I think the limit is 25MB)

basically, change the extension of the .zip file to whatever you want. For example change the .zip to .ABC. This way when you attach it to the e-mail, it would not recognize it as something that is not allowed, such as .zips. Then after you send it, just change it back to .zip and viola! Hope I helped!

How to add pictures in a album without them being in your camera roll?

I know there is a way to make an album on your IPod/IPhone, but I want to have an album so the pictures in the certain album aren't in my camera roll? Is there a way to do that? Please help.

you can save those pictures onto your computer. 1) for mac: -connect your ipod to your computer -iPhoto should automatically open with your photos on your ipod showing. -just take the photos out and put them into a new folder. this folder name will become the name of your new album. then you just want to sync the photo albums onto your ipod by going into itunes and selecting the folder that all the albums are in. this is kinda confusing though. within the major folder, there are other minor folders that you have. those minor folders will become the albums. once you select that on itunes, your set to sync. 2)for pc: -you want to connect your ipod to you computer -open my computer or computer or whatever its called. -click on the picture of the ipod. its the same as you plugging in you camera. -keep clicking the folders until you get to your pictures. -organize your pictures into separate folders then put those folders into one big folder.(thats what i meant for mac also) -open itunes and sync photos. you have to select the folder though. dont double click the folder, just click it once and press select. -press sync and your done :D

How to download photos and videos from my old phone to my I phone?

It would be really great if someone could help I want to download videos from my old samsung phone to my i phone I have videos of my dog who died that I want to put on the I phone it would mean so much to me if I could get some info on how to do this thank you.

Easiest way may be to remove the memory card from the old phone and put it in the new one. Pictures from cell phone or camera to computer (Memory Card) Remove the memory card from your phone or camera and insert it into the adapter that came with the memory card and insert it into the drive slot in your computer. Click start then My Pictures, create a new folder and name it. Click start then My Computer, double click the drive that has the memory card. Either copy and paste or drag and drop the pictures from the memory card to the folder you just created. ------------------------------------------------------ Pictures using USB After you plug your USB cable into the computer and camera or phone, click start. Then My Pictures On the left side you will see a row of options click Make a New Folder and name it. Then double click on it to open it. Go to start and then My Computer, double click on the drive that has the camera or phone. It is usually the J drive. Now either drag and drop or copy and paste the pictures to the folder you just made. Good luck

How to attach a picture to one of these questions?

I need to attach a picture to one of my questions I am going to ask. The picture is just on my computer, don't have the link of where I found it so I can't just put that. anyone know?

Include the link to the picture in question from the website. Or if the picture is of you or someone else : Try using Flickr.Just go to Flickr and sign in.You've already got a Yahoo id. Alternatively if you have a Google or Facebook account you can also sign in with either one these as well. Upload your pictures in Flickr and then just provide the link in the question to the picture from your flickr account.You can do this by right clicking with the mouse and select copy.Right click again and select paste to put the link in the question. Hope that helps you,Tidus

How to send by an email a web page that contains pictures?

I did attach the web page and the pictures as separate attachments, but the web page when received does not have the pictures as the original has. There are just the empty spaces where the pictures suppose to be. How to do it right?

Just send the URL of the website as an email. That's all it takes.

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