How to get rid of fear of roller coaters?

Im not afraid of the loops, or speed, or tilting. Im afraid the height and seeing myself going up really heigh. Is there anyway i can get rid of my fear of heights?

The only way to get rid of your fear is to face your fear. you will be safe and you only at the peak for milliseconds

How to submit ride ideas to the Disney corporation?

I have been thinking of the rides in Disneyland based off their movies ever since I've left. And I have been pondering what it would be like to invent a fun ride myself. So I took it to thought and figured out a couple and I really am serious about sending them to the corporation but I've got no clue how! Any suggestions how I can suggest it too them?

Sorry to tell you that unless you work for them, Disney(and most major corporations) do not accept unsolicited ideas. Even if you were to send it to them all you would get back is a very nicely worded letter basically stating the same thing. It is very unlikely that they would even open up your letter to see what the idea is. The reason is very simple, if they never even look at the idea, there is no way you can claim that they stole the idea years down the road if they come up with something similar. Your only chance would be to wait to see if Disney ever runs contests to see what people can come up with. I can't remember ever seeing them doing this, but I have seen other companies do things like this for Slogans or products, so you never know. The link below from the Walt Disney Company will basically state the same thing if you had any other questions.

How to not be scared of rollercoasters and other scary rides?

Hello, So today Im going to a amusement park and there's Alot of high rides, and upside down ones and my friends love to go on them but I Absolutely hate them, well not hate Im just so scared! They don't really mind that I wont go on some rides, but they would like me to. How can I get over my fear? Thanks!

Hey! I was in the same position last year! First of all you need to forget about the things you don't like and remember you are with your friends and nothing is going to go wrong. Second just get on! Don't think about it! It is fun if you get all the scary thoughts out of your head! Also completely skip the small rides! If you don't like the jerkiness and the abrupt drops and stops the bigger ones are almost like you are floating on air. When you get on the ride if it has shoulder restraints pull it down so it is hugging you tight. If it is like this you won't feel the drops and turns as much! If it is the feelig of getting sick you don't like then buy dremimine. (sry for not spelling it right!) It will help! Last don't forget to open your eyes, put your hands up and scream!!!!

How to get over a fear of roller coasters?

Im going to a amusement park on Saturday and i have never been on a roller coaster before. My friend said she really wants me to go on all the rides but i'm still a little nervous and i feel bad when my friends want me to go on but i say no and then they feel bad. I just want to get over this fear and i need some help when i'm going on Saturday.

They go from fear to fun very quickly after a couple of rides. But every new one you go on introduces a little fear because it's unknown. Just look at all the kids your age who are going on them and having fun, and ask why it would be any different for you.

How to get used to walking at night in dark?

I sneak out but sometimes I get a little scared or just don't like walking in pitch black. How do I just do it and be one with the night?

Your question doesn't even fit with the topic... But, just think of something funny and keep a positive feeling.

How to get over a fear of big roller coasters?

I'm going to thorpe park tommorow and all my friends love big roller coasters. I've forced myself on quite big ones before and i just get so scared and feel so sick, because i really don't feel safe. I'm afraid its not secure and i will fall out.

What do you think will make me feel better/safer?

The best way to get over your fear of coasters is to just ride the coaster and see that its really not so bad after all. I know that might sound crazy what I'm saying but it's true. But here's the real truth, roller coasters are the safest thing you could ever do. There a better chance of getting into a car wreck on the way to a theme park than getting in to a wreck or falling out on a roller coaster. So theres absolutleety nothing to be worried about. Have fun and good luck!!!!

How to buy 6 flags season passes?

I want to buy 2 season passes to 6 Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL. Does anyone know if I can purchase these at the actual park as opposed to online? Also, if I were to get them online, are they ready to use right after the purchase? Thank you!

You can purchase them at the park or online, but keep in mind that if you choose to purchase them at the park, you might have to stand in line (maybe even a long line...depending on the time/day you're going). If you buy the pass at the park, you will have to go to an admissions stall and pay for the pass, then you will get a receipt in return - after you get the receipt you will have to get your pass processed at the season pass processing center (it will be a separate building from the admissions stalls) where you will give them your receipt and then type in basic info into a computer and get your picture taken for your pass (which will then be a plastic card, sort of like a credit card). If you buy the pass online, you will print out your season pass receipt and then at the park you will have to go to the season pass processing center to get your pass processed. So either way you will have to go to the park and get your pass "processed" after you pay for it and get a receipt. The perk to paying online is that you get to skip the admissions line at the park.

How to get rid of my fear of roller coasters?

My friends want me to go on the intimidator this spring with them, at Carowinds. But I just hate that feeling in my stomach, if only i didn't have that, then I think maybe things would be better.But the coaster is also really high! So can you help me? I want to be able to ride it without being so scared. I always think I can ride the ride, until I get up there.

You have to just ignore that feeling as much as its yelling at you. You can slowly wrk your way up. Start with the easiest coaster you might handle and do not move on unless you have ridden the same one to get used to it. Move one to the next highest one and ride that one until your stomach is liking that one and so on and so forth until your at the oe your scared to try. Then you still may have to ignore any feeling thats left to not ride the coaster. There are somethings in life that have little ways of preparing you to get through and coasters are a great lesson. Um, you have to make that first step til you get to the top and the rest is history:) so fun sometimes life throws challenges where all yu can do is take that first step and with each and every next step your getting through it, coasters are like that. Oh I have a mentality that it will destress you and this is how: here me out on this ok? When your at the top of the highest hill? and the other coasters are like ants let alone the people(you can't even see them hardly) Everything you were worried about in your life will evaporate -literally:)up until that moment is gone, you will wonder why was I worried about that so much when your focused on how high you are. When its over you'll go back home and your problems which were so out of control they may become a little more insignificant. Think aout the speed instead of the height will help greatly also, your at the top and scared one sec. and now the ride is halfway through and just smile to yourself even if you have to force to train your brain. When I am on the magnum first cart hands up I still get a little afraid but I know that the coaster has only so many clicks and all the sudden I get my bad photo taken and them I am worried how the photo of me turned out instead of the bumpy ride. This is everything I always tried and still will because it works for me and hope you will try and that you will find something that works for you. If it helped that much then I will be glad:)

How to get over s fear of themepark rides?

So I have been picked to go to Alton towers with school tomorrow as a reward trip.
But anyway I have never been to one before but I hear friends talking about rides they went on in the past.

But tomorrow I don't want to look a fool infront of my friends but I'm scared about some of the rides!

What can I do?

Start with the small rides and work your way up ;D don't have to go on all of them, Some of the rides there like Oblivion OH NO NO not for me:P But i like the rollercoaster AIR, it looks scary but it quite fun:D (it was my first big rollercoaster:P) Basically, You sit in the seat and they flip you over so your in a flying position ;D and your off! It actually feels like your flying its so cool! It don't go upside down it just flips you on your back, ;D the ride only lasts for like a minute but its worth it, ;D Also watch some of the rides in action before you que up, If your still not sure and feel all sick then don't go on, You don't have to go on if you don't really want to, but its always good to try and conquer your fears, Like i said start with the small rides and work your way up. ;D i have a fear of rollercoasters that drop and go upside down, Never liked them but i love water rides;D Hope you have fun!

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