How to cure constipation without getting diarrhea?

I haven't gone to the bathroom in a couple days, and i need a quick way to cure my constipation without getting diarrhea!

Miralax mixes with any drink and is tasteless. Drink lots of water.

How to reduce the pain of a injection / booster?

I am having a booster at school and want to reduce pain, any tips?

Sounds silly, but last year when us girls at school were having our HPV jabs everyone started slapping the tops of their arms where they were going to have it done, now I don't know if this helped or not.... But I would warm your muscle up by using heat pads or a warm towel or if worse comes to the worse do what we did and slap your arm silly :) but seriously don't tense your muscle what ever you do! It makes the pain worse! Just relax! Good luck!

How to lower my calcium on blood level naturally?

I have high calcium in blood. How do I lower it naturally?

If you are planning on using alternative therapies to reduce your calcium levels, I suggest you discuss this with your doctor first. We'll never know how they may affect you, so just to be on the safe side, keep your doctor looped in.

How to recover the natural health and vitality of our skin?

my face has some scare. Can i possiple to remove this using facial cream. If it possible pls describe how the facial cream acting on the skin to remove it. Because my thought none of artificial products can alter the natural skin. Pls answer this gentleman

get a spray bottel put in urine and spray on your self in the shower.. Honest it really works.. its shrinking my zits so extremely fast :)

How to solve a children who start to hold or control not to pass motion? ?

my 3 years old son start to control himself not to pass motion. we always have to use enema(a liquid) to help him. this has been continue for about three weeks. what should i do? please help.

Oh good grief - please tell me that any enemas have been approved by a doctor. This condition is called encopresis; you should be consulting your doctor rather than asking advice on an alternative (to) medicine board. Please don't give your child any medicine which hasn't been prescribed/approved by your doctor; s/he can prescribe the best treatment based on your child's age, severity of condition etc - perhaps stool softeners so that faeces he's been holding in is easier to pass, and diet recommendations for the future SEE YOUR DOCTOR

How to hide the effects of alcohol?

And i'll explain what I am attempting to ask. After drinking a decent amount (just a decent amount, not blacking out or getting drunk out of your mind), how do you hide the effects so that any people around you have no reason to suspect that you have been drinking. For the most part, I am trying to figure out how an individual would hide the "smell" of alcohol. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I think it depends strongly on what it is you're drinking. Like rum or beer will be easily smelt on your breath, as well as clothes. Your skin also secretes it, if you are constantly drinking it. I'm actually a bit worried about this question! Is it for research purposes or are you a closet alcoholic?? And the eyes are a big give away. You can always tell how shitfaced some one is by their eyes.

How to ask my neighbors to stop smoking weed?

I live in an apartment complex, I live downstairs and my neighbors who live directly above me go out on their porch and smoke weed. Which doesn't bother me except every time they do the smell comes into my apartment really bad. I really don't want to have a confrontation with them, what can I do? I am tired of my 1 year old daughter smelling that stuff.

They're not going to stop, and if you can smell it, it's because you are taking in the chemicals, including your 1 year old. You need to report them to the police, or continue to frequently expose your small child to a mind altering drug.

How to tell if my milk Kefir grains are working?

My milk kefir grains grew and got big, however they stopped being slimy. I heard slimy and gooey is good and means it working. So are my kefir grains bad or good? Should I get new ones?

Milk kefir grains are live active cultures consisting of yeast and bacteria existing in a symbiotic relationship. Adding the kefir grains to fresh milk yields a probiotic drink within 24 to 48 hours. This dairy kefir culture is reusable and with care, will allow you to make kefir over and over again. Traditional heirloom-style kefir culture (aka "grains" due to appearance); not a powdered starter culture Reusable culture; makes a new batch of kefir every 18-48 hours With proper care, the culture can be used indefinitely to create delicious probiotic-rich kefir Cultures on the counter at 67-80°F, no heating appliance required Can be used with cow milk, goat milk, soy milk, or coconut milk (see instructions) Milk kefir grains are a starter culture that can be used with soy or coconut milk if care is taken to occasionally revitalize them in dairy milk. (Complete instructions will be included with each order.) Coconut kefir in particular is quite thick, rich, and delicious. Click here for information on making coconut kefir. There are numerous uses for kefir including making a type of cream cheese, adding to smoothies, and drinking alone. Kefir can also be flavored after it has cultured and the kefir grains have been removed. Click here for more information on the numerous strains of bacteria and yeast generally known to comprise milk kefir grains. Ingredients: Organic whole milk, live active cultures. Packaged with a small amount of organic powdered milk to extend shelf life. Milk Kefir Grains are produced in a facility that also processes soy, wheat, nut, and fish products good luck

How to treat bad tummy after a really bad hangover ?

I had a bad hangover , had vomiting and in the morning i had vomiting and felt dizzy. Its been two days my head feels heavy and stomach still hurts. I also have a little fever. What is the best way to cure this.

alka seltza - sleep - lots of water - mints - banana's - Vitamin pills - Exercise - and your clearly too young to be drinking alcohol, tummy? really?

How to make can I make loob for masterbation out of household items?

I am a teen male who masterbaites on a regular basis, and I need some form of loob to stop friction burns. I also cannot purchase any loob because I have no money.

Spit is the easiest one to use. Moisturizing body wash works too. Vegetable oil can work, but it will be a bit messy. Petroleum jelly works too, but again it is messy. You can masturbate dry, but you have to get used to it. A soft sock can be turned inside out, but don't do this too often at first because you can rub a sore in your skin. A warm washcloth feels good too, but you want to keep it moist.

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