How to cars powered natural gas affect the enviroument ?

I live in Bulgaria where currently gasoline prices are rising and I see more and more people installing natural gas systems in their cars because natural gas is way more cheaper.
Besides that I was thinking what impact on the environment it has ? Is it cleaner than gasoline or diesel?

How about the production and refining processes?

Since it still comes from fossils does it produces CO2 and in what amount compared to gasoline/diesel?

Natural gas must be pumped through pipelines, compressed (CNG) or liquefied (LNG) for transportation. It may come from the ground sometimes in association with oil but often not. Otherwise, the product is refined to produce pipeline quality natural gas. The primary component of natural gas is methane. "...a ton of methane in the atmosphere traps as much radiation as 20 tons of carbon dioxide; however, it remains in the atmosphere for 8–40 times less time." When burned natural gas produces "...For an equivalent amount of heat, burning natural gas produces about 30 per cent less carbon dioxide than burning petroleum and about 45 per cent less than burning coal." So yes it is cleaner than gasoline or diesel, but the internal combustion engine will produce NOX pollutants no matter what fuel is used in the engine.

How to calculate MPG in an electric vehicle that uses solar panels to charge it?

If someone owns an electric vehicle such at the Chevrolet Volt and uses solar panels to charge the Volt instead of using electricity, how would you calculate MPG? It's easier when you know how much the utility company charges per kilowatt and how many kilowatts it takes to charge the Volt but this has me stumped.

It's a silly thing to calculate - it does not make sense. You could calculate the total cost of ownership over the expected life or ownership period of the vehicle, and compare that with a similar gas-powered vehicle. Or you could calculate the incremental cost of driving an extra mile, which is basically zero (well, in practice, maintenance and insurance and road tax costs). Or the total CO2 emissions from cradle to grave of the vehicle and charging systems including manufacturing, which is somewhat hard to calculate.

How to convert an electric 6 string to a bass?

I have a 6 string BC rich warlock, and id like to convert it to a bass, if possible. how though?

I guess that you are going to pay more than a normal bass is worth, but if you insist, you are going to change the bridge ,whatever you have behind it just for the bass strings to fit.

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