How to fly with newborn before she has a birth certificate?

My 3 week old doesn't have a birth certificate yet, but we need to fly (domestic flight).
I have registered the birth. The hospital just hasn't gotten the documents to the birth certificate office yet. I keep calling, but they say it may be 6 weeks.

She does not need a birth certificate to fly. Noone under the age of 18 (I think it is) needs any form of identification to fly domestically. If you have concerns, just carry her crib card and/or her and your hospital bracelets which are proof of the birth. However, I do not think it is essential. EDITED TO ADD: Call the airline and inquire. I am sure that MANY people fly before a birth certificate is available. Your pediatrician could, if necessary, supply you with a letter verifying her name and date of birth and that she is cleared to fly (though I have NEVER heard of that requirement- I know people who fly the day after a birth).

How to find a cheap airline ticket to Ireland?

Does anyone know how to find a fairly cheap airline ticket to get to Ireland. It looks like it's about $1200 for a roundtrip ticket. Just curious if anyone knew of any cheap airline sites or tips for finding a cheaper ticket. I've already tried Expedia, Orbitz, etc. Travel dates are flexible. Thanks!

You have looked at the right places. Where you are flying from? Sometimes if you fly out of a different airport, you can get a better rate. Also play around with your travel dates. Check out and see if Delta Airlines ( has anything.

How to sit through a plane flight?

Basicly , im going on a 15 hour plane ride soon , no i dont get really ill , but i just hate the sitting there and being dizzy , so is there anything i can do to get through the flight easier, i have an ipod and iphone , and im planning to not sleep for like 2 nights before the ride so i can sleep throught the flight should i do this?

sleeping is one good way to pass a long plane journey so keep up what you're doing. you could download some movies onto your iPod or your iPhone or take a book or some work to keep you occupied. I usually take some examination prep. with me so I feel like I'm doing something productive. You could read if you like that sort of thing or you could erase all the scores on any games you've played on your iPod/iPhone and start again or try to beat your highscores (that's a fun thing to do if you're competitive - when you have a goal or an aim and try to achieve it, the time will literally just fly by)

How to calm myself before a flight?

I'm going on my first flight to LA at the end of this month and I'm so scared. I'm 13 so I don't know a whole lot of anxiety pills I can take. What do you usually do? Also, how can I keep myself entertained to keep my mind off things?

Airplanes are a very safe mode of transportation. You have a much higher chance of getting injured or killed driving on the free-way (or even sitting in your own home) than flying in an airplane. By the data, there is a 99.99999771% chance that your flight will arrive without trouble. Lots of people are scared to fly, but the fact is, the chances of anything going wrong in an aircraft are virtually zero. Do not panic because it makes things worse. Do not think about how high you are in the air because you will start panicking. Do not say or think that the plane is going to crash. Think of your destination! Remind yourself why the plane is taking off and that if it doesn't, you won't get there. Perfect incentive. If it's a longer flight try to sleep. Hopefully then you can sleep through any scary parts. Make sure to bring, sleep aids, small blanket and a travel pillow. Also, bring a stress ball. Here's some good links to check out: Hope you have a nice flight and trip! :3 ~Gwen

How to smuggle playboy through airport security on a school trip?

Just want to make sure it won't get spotted in the xray... i already tore the front cover and side labels with playboy on them off and sealed it so it wont fly open, but will i have to open my carry on or if i get stopped will my teachers see it or something? I wont be able to fap for four days if i dont take this so its kind of necessary cause im already really horny.

In the x-ray machine, there will be no way for them to tell whether it's a playboy magazine. Furthermore, unless you are in a country that bans porn, playboy mags are not prohibited on planes (don't read it on board– it may offend other passengers). If you don't want anybody to find out, make sure your baggage doesn't have any dense electronics or metal objects inside, or any prohibited, or odd looking items, so that it won't be opened by security. I once had a TSA agent chat to another when I was in the line after asking me if I had any laptops gameboys, etc. Apparently, when a young boy was putting his backpack on the conveyer belt, he asked if he had a laptop, DVD player or 'playboy' in his bag (made a mistake). The mother was like "I hope not"/

What is the easiest way to learn how to fly?

I saw the birds flying from my castle the other day and I wanted to fly also. Does anyone know how a person can learn to fly? Not in a plane or anything like that! Also does anyone know how to breath underwater?

Join a flying school.

How often to airlines check a lap child's age?

My husband and I will be flying with our child from Texas to Ohio. Our daughter will be a little over the age of 2 when we fly. We really don't want to buy her her own ticket. It would be a waste of money, as she can just sit on our laps, and most likely will spend most of the flight there anyway. My question is how often do airlines check the lap child age requirement?

Most people say airlines don't check a child's id very often simply either because it's obvious the lap child is under 2, or a child over 2 already holds a ticket. In your case, the airline will ask to see her birth certificate when your child is already over 2. Try at your own risk of not being able to get on the flight.

How to get to Hammerfest, Norway by plane from North America?

I live in California is there any airport than will reach the one in Hammerfest, Finnmark, Norway.

You must first get to a Norwegian airport (or Copenhagen). I assume that you will need at least one stop on the way. From Oslo (capitol of Norway) there are flights to Hammerfest Airport, but check the route. Some flights have only one stop, others have as many as 7! Thus the travel time from Oslo can be from 3 to 7 hours. I just checked the prices, and you can get a one way ticket for as low as 1 172 NOK . You can also get a flight from Stavanger (on the west coast of Norway) or from Copenhagen (Capitol of Denmark).

How to prevent ears getting plugged on airplanes if chewing gum and eating hard candy doesn't work?

I'm going to Cancun in the summer and I have to take an air plane. What I usually do to prevent ears getting plugged is I'd wear my earphones and listen to music the whole flight. But I'm looking for another way because that can sometimes be very annoying. I've tired chewing gum, hard candy, swallowing, plugging my nose and breath through a closed mouth and repeatedly swallow. But it doesn't work.

i used "earplanes" the last time i flew which was in august and they worked great! my ears don't get painful when flying they just get plugged so i can't hear well for a while and let me tell you i didn't have that problem when using the earplanes. you can get them for like $5-$6 from walmart/target/cvs....

How to get promotion code or discount coupon on online ticket booking?

I want to book online flight booking.Can you suggest me where to find the coupons?


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