How to make a home made milk substitute for calves?

I have a month-old orphaned calf in our house at the moment. I have no idea how to make a milk substitute for calves so we just give it ordinary skimmed milk mixtures. We can't get commercial substitutes due to unavailability in our area (Masbate, Philippines) so I need your help to save my calf please! Can anyone please teach me how to concoct a mixture or anybody care to share their own formulas? Please help!

Thanks in advance!

You need to be giving it whole milk, not skim because it will starve to death.

how to start a chicken poultry farm in chennai ,where do i get chicken chicks at low rates ?

i am going to start a chicken poultry in chennai by forming partnership with my friend .can anyone guide me .what are the steps to start and where to buy chicks and how to sell it ? we have a 3600 sq ft land ,electricity , and how much investment would we require to start a small farm ???? thank you .

are you going for meat production (Broilers) or egg production (Layer)? In India venky is a popular company who supply chicks particularly in layer segment. But the initial price is higher. there are many hatchery near chennai but your size of farm says you should collect it from very nearby supplier to your site. Initially you can contact the companies to know their dealer nearby to your place. For broilers it take maximum 42 days to be mature. You must contact with local wholesale collector of chickens. The rate fluctuate as per supply and so at the time of purchasing day old chicks. making shed, preparation of litter bed, purchasing equipments like feeder tray, watering tray, light set up, purchase for starter and finisher feed, vaccination are key activity other than chicks purchase. for layers cage is commercial practice. it has longer investment period. If you need any minute details please modify your question. to be specific on chicks purchase you better discuss with some fellow chicken grower in your area to find the suitability in your area in different seasons. Please also check the lean and period price period. In festive time people of some area take more non veg (Like durga puja in west bengal) and sometime demand is less (Like roja period in west bengal). Plan your production accordingly because you cant store after 42 days as chickens will consume more and weight gain will be less.

How to get Central or Maharashtra Government Subsidy for emu farming?

Hi I want to know, is there subsidy available for emu farming provided by Central government of India or Maharashtra government.
Please tell if any and how to get it..?

hey u try it by google....u'll get the solution... i tried and got the solution.. ok choose me as best...

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