How to become an international adoption social worker/Case worker?

I want to become an international adoption social worker or case manager, but i don't know where to start. I want to build profiles of children and families, and i want to find families for children.

Assuming you live in the USA, then you need to have a college degree in some type of human services field such as social work or psychology. In California, where I live, with a BA in a human services field, you can be a caseworker in a county agency (CPS/foster care). You can't do adoption homestudies or match children and families with having a Master's Degree in a human services field with an MSW (Master's in Social Work) preferred. To work for private agencies who do international adoption, usually need Master's Degree and in some cases, you need to be licensed (LMFT or LMFC). So if you don't have a degree - work on that. Look to volunteer or get an entry level job working with children in a group home or foster home type setting. If you have your degree, then look at entry level jobs with your local state or county. Adoption jobs, at least in my county, are highly coveted. Most people start in other positions and transfer into adoptions once there is an opening. Good luck to you!

How to bond an adopted kid with the established kid?

We have a 12 year old son, and we adopted a 15 year old girl. Are there any bond strengthening games/techniques that anyone knows of? They both will try anything but are kind of shy torwards eachother. We all want this to be a complete family.

Try some new activities that neither of them have experienced before (creates a level playing field where neither will feel inferior). Such as pottery, horseback riding, camping, etc. Also its good to find fun activities that require them to work together as a team - such as canoeing or team orientated video games. Most importantly, pay attention to how they interact with each other and when you see that they are shy or quiet, encourage some conversation by asking a random question - like what's your favourite movie of all time, what's the worst one you've ever seen etc. Things that both children will have an opinion on to help them get to know each other.

How to terminate parental rights and get adoption finalized?

My son's father hasn't been in his life for well over a year and hasn't paid child support since my son was one years old. So basically he has abandoned him. If I can get him to sign over his rights how can I do it myself? Also needing to know how to get an adoption going for my current husband for him to adopt my son.

You need to find out what constitutes abandonment in your state. Different states have different definition. Some say the parent has to be out of the child's life, with no contact or maintenance for a minimum of a year, some say 3 years. So google the name of your state and abandonment. With that said, you can not do it yourself. You will have to get a lawyer. Having the biological father's rights terminated due to abandonment has to be done by the court. Even if you got him to sign a piece of paper that says "I give up my rights" the court will not accept that because they don't know if it was done under duress. So, talk to a family law attorney. If you can not afford an attorney, go to your county's legal aid and see if they will handle the case. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't. It really depends on their case load and budget.

How to be legally adopted as a brother by a prosperous business man?

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How is the legal process? Its there any fastrack or workaround?
Clarification for suspicious minds: I am not gay

If his parents adopt you then you would be his brother. Otherwise you can only be his son.

How to adopt a relative from the Philippines?

I want to adopt my 9 year old niece from the Philippines. I have a dual citizenship for the Philippines and the U.S. My niece's parents are having financial issues and I want to bring her to America. How do I do that and how long does it take?

Why do you have to adopt her? Can't you just become her legal guardian so that you can make educational and medical decisions for her? Adoption is unnecessary in this case. Check into getting a green card for her and proceed from there, but adoption isn't necessary.

How to tell your daughter she is adopted?

My daughter Holly is in end stage kidney failure, and needs a kidney transplant. How do I break the news to her that she is adopted and therefore does not have the same blood type as my ex-husband, daughter, and I?
I'm going to try to contact her birth mom. She'll have to get the transplant soon or else she'll have to defer Yale.

You can ask her best friend fiona for the cash to pay off her birth mom

How to convince my wife to put the baby up for adoption?

My wife gave birth 2 weeks ago to a girl. We already have 1 girl, 1 more than we already need. I would have much preferred this baby to be a boy. We have 5 boys that I love dearly, and the one brat girl we're stuck with, we don't need 2. I hate this new baby and want her out of my house. I've been arguing this with my wife since she's been pregnant. I wanted her to abort, but she chose not to. How can I convince her that adoption would be the best option?

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How to adopt a nephew from the Philippines?

Hi! My mom wants to adopt my cousin who is in the Philippines, My mom and I are both permanent resident(green card holders) here in the US. My question is how can my mom adopt my cousin who is in the Philippines? His parents doesn't about him anymore and my mom feels bad for doing nothing so she asked me to do a research. Its kind of sad but anyway I wish someone can give me the step-by-step or at least a website in which I could find information about this kind of stuffs. Thanks in advance.

All Phillipine adoptions must go through ICAB - This is a link to their FAQ While the information is geared toward non-relative adoptions, they do mention in a few places that relative adoptions will be treated slightly differently. Spend some time at the site and use their contact information to contact someone there who can help you. You're also going to have to check with US Immigration about bringing your cousin to the US as the adopted child of permanent residents. I looked into it very quickly for you and the easiest summary of the rules that I can find is here:

How to Adopt and Chances of experiencing a sucessful adoption?

In the future I plan on adopting four children. Doesn't matter where they are from or what nationality they are or their age. I just want two boys and two girls.

I'm going to have a nice career. I doubt I will have a mate and I'm not religious.

What can I expect when I go to adopt. How difficult is it to adopt?
I'm still in highschool, I just want to know the details now.

Many African countries offer fairly painless (as far as adoptions go) adoptions; Ethiopia is an example. Most countries require that you are at least 25 and some require that you are 30 (China). You will have mounds of paperwork and home studies, but it's not all that bad from what I understand.

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