How to act when a teacher is talking to you?

I find it extremely uncomfortable to look at most of my teachers in the eye or face to face and talk. Like when I ask a question I feel so awkward when they answers. And after they're done I just say thanks. How do you end the convo?

What if you didn't look at their face? If/when they answer your question you could say thanks or okay and that can end the conversation. Or you could end the conversation by doing something else like walking away or something.

How to talk to my parents about getting birth control ?

I am 15 years old and i am sexually active with my boyfriend. I really want to get birth control pills but im not sure how to talk to my parents about it. They are not allowing me to date til im 16 so if i ask they will flip out. But i still don't want to do this secretly. My parents are very conservative and religious so im pretty sure they will hate the idea. Can anyone help me ?

The pill isn't just for preventing pregnancy, there are other reasons that doctors prescribe it. Talk to them and say that you are thinking about birth control to regulate your periods and so that you are prepared. However, as conservative as parents can seem, they still love you and would want you to be open with them and come to them with any issues. Try being honest with them about it.

How to convince my parents to let me do gymnastics?

I really want to do gymnastics. Most people that do it are really good and have been doing it for years. I've done it a few times. I'm 13 and I can barely do a somersault. My parents say I'm too old and uncoordinated. What should I do? Am I too old and uncoordinated?

Wow... That was rather rude of your parents to say... You're never to old to at least practice it. That's the whole point of going to a gymnastics class (or really any other class or practice) so that you can learn new things! Its so you can learn how to do all those things that gymnasts do. I mean it might be a good idea to brush up on some core strength and leg strength for sure before you go to classes just cus that will help you. Whether you succeed or not is your choice.

How to convince my parents to let me get double piercings?

I've had my ears pierced since I was 10. I'm 14 now and a lot of my friends have doubles or triples. I have wanted doubles for a couple of years and my parents still say no. Is there any way to change their minds?

I had the saaaame problem. Just promote the fact that its for happiness and you can be responsible. Persistincy is key. Bring it up at the most random times and places. Like point out anyone and everyone with it. They should get annoyed because your annoying and blame it on them. Wala! A trip to the piercing parlor!

How to Convince My Mom to Get a Double Piercing?

My mom actually has a double piercing, she got hers when she was sixteen. (Except she got hers because everyone had one and her first one sagged due to heavy earrings) But now I'm fourteen and I want a second piercing. One not on the cartilage! But one right above the first one. :) How do I do this? My mom really doesn't "believe" in this kind of stuff since she's a traditional Christian, but she has one so she should understand, right? Any tips on convincing her?

Have you even asked yet? You could says something like, "Mom, I would really like a double piercing. Any chance I could get one soon?" Ask her - if not now, if she'll consider letting you get one in the future. If she says no, leave it at that. If you keep asking, it will come across as annoying and whiny. You could also ask in a few years if she says no. Maybe she would think you are too young right now. But whatever the case, respect her decision. ETA: Faith, I totally agree with you about the Christian thing!

how to ????????????????????????????

For my speech class (im having a hard time) were on our 3rd speech and its a "how to" speech, she didn't give us all information yet but I guessing this would be from 4-5 minutes because the last two were 1 and 2-3 minute. But I want to prepare from now because for my last two speech she said they were short and the next speech I need to make it longer...........So can you guys help me to come up with ideas ..... The teacher used how to whistle as a example already so I don't think we could use that. Thanks for your help

Chose something you know how to do. I would do how to lace your shoes haha. Just over-explain it, then at the end do a summerized version of your speech

How to..........???...................?

How to ask a guy for his number when your shy? We are in 8th grade btw and have 1 class together

Find a reason to ask for it, e.g. if he likes mini-golf? say Man I love mini-golf, bit I haven't gone for ages, we should do that next weekend, wait for response.... Great here's my number, now let me grab yours real quick (his number that is)

How to not be nervous during your first date?

My first date is tomorrow, we're going to a movie. I just need tips on how to calm my nerves because I get nervous easily and I don't want to make a fool of myself in front of him.

I know how it feels:D AWW, i think that is super cute just tell him youre really nervous and hell guide you.

How to wear briefs in the locker room without anyone finding out?

I wear white briefs, and don't want to take the chance of being teased!

Just put boxers over them.

How to convince my mom to drive somewhere?

I know this sounds really selfish of me..:
Well, my BFF who lives an hour away, and I have been planning a trip to a water park near where I live for months. We finally decided that wed go on thursday. But my mom doesn't want to drive to pick her up.
How can I convince her to pick her up?
Or how can I convince her mom to send her here on the bus?

Agree to pay for the gas and the water park. Did your mom agree to this 5mts ago when you started planning it? Or did she say no? You are asking your mom to drive an hour to your friends home & an hour back. That is 2hrs in the car & 2hrs worth of gas. Then she has to drive you and your friend to the water park. I'm sure there is a price to get into the water park. Also have you thought of how cold the water park will be? We took our kids swimming yesterday and they were freezing even though it was 90. At night the temps drop and the water stays cold. next time include your mom in on your plans. This way you are not disappointed when she says no.

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