How to prepare for job interview without a job description or experience?

Interview Monday for a HR apprenticeship at Cash Generator *Eeek*, thats all I know. How do u prepare for the unknown? And what do u wear? Its a HR role at a store, Formal or Informal :/?
I also struggle with anxiety & mild depression. I have a part time job to fall back on but that sucks.. I want this! ;). Ill appreciate all replies even though I can't respond to them.

Firstly no matter what type of job interview it is ALWAYS go dressed formally. Suit and tie or if a femal blouse and jacket at the very least. You are there to sell yourself and discuss what is after all a business transaction. Look up everything you can about the company on line. Think what the benefits of that company are and why you would like to work there. Think about what you can offer, attention to detail, good with people. Think about values, priorities and how you prioritize. You will be asked about your strengths/weaknesses. Good luck,

How to deal with unethical people at work?

People who cheat to improve there overall performance, take credit for someone else's job, etc.

Complaining to the manager is not helping, the manager had a group meeting where concern being mentioned, but it all carried on like before.

I am really p***** to do all the tought jobs and other people are skiving in the team?

Should I file a written complaint to the head, anonymously?

You have approached the manager. Now you approach the manager again. Then if the manager does not hear you again, go to the one above your manager. If that one does not listen, twice, then go to the one above that person. It's a lengthy process, but they are making sure you are not just another squeaky wheel, or less likely but totally possible, they know and do not care. Spend the next month doing your job perfectly without complaint (as you always should) and continue to follow the proper channels. Also, when you go to speak about the problem, be humble, courteous, not accusatory, and make sure that you have in your mind what you think might be a viable solution -- HOWEVER - do not give that solution until they ASK for it. It is times like this when a promotion is waiting for you without you seeing it because you're too wound up over the carelessness and foolishness of others. If you do this right, you will either a) get promoted or b) have to get a new job. So you should also start filling out your new resume just in case. :) Enjoy yourself and thank you so much for being a hard worker! I know the feeling all too well. Keep IT UP!

How to find a job in Ethiopia while living in Brussels?

I have 6 years Accountancy/Admin experience, 4 years Marketing experience. Previous employers include European Parliament, Sony, Western Union and other Multinationals.

There are a few Ethiopian restaurants in Amsterdam - Lalibela, Addis Ababa and Azmarino. You could try any of them for contacts in Ethiopia.

How to Tell Boss Im Quitting to go on a Latin America Mini Tour?

How do I tell my boss that I am leaving my job (cashier at retail) because my mother offered me to tour Latin America for 2 months. I will be staying 3 weeks in Mexico and 4 weeks in Argentina.

I recommend you state that you received the opportunity thru school to be an exchange student i.e. living with a families abroad which will assist you with career goals of international study or due to personal health issue with a family member you unfortunately must resign and thank him/her for the opportunity. Please give your boss, if on the job three months or more and you want to use this job as a reference, two weeks notice. Keep in mind when the trip is over you will still need a job if not for financial reasons then i.e. experience etc. Good Luck!!

How to write a cover letter for a retired person?

My grandmother has been retired for the past two years. Her company was letting people go and she opted for early retirement. Now she is looking for a part time job. She asked me to write a cover letter for her resume, but I have no idea how to. If anyone could help I'd greatly appreciate it.

Google: sample cover letter for retired person Look through some sites, and take tidbits from each one.

How to write an effective cover letter for an office administrator position?

I have no idea how to start this. I am a good communicator, polite, service oriented and I would like to get a job as an office administrator or a receptionist. I have some college including advanced math courses but I don't have a degree. What would be relevant to include in a cover letter for this position and How long should the letter be? Thank You to anyone who answers.

Answer: has free tutorials on how to write a cover letter: It includes instructional text, informational graphics, examples, and even interactives for you to practice what you've learned/actually apply what you've learned. If you need additional help for things like writing a resume or how to prepare for an interview, there are tutorials for that as well: Hope it helps and Good Luck!

How to ask if a job position is available?

I want to get a job at the local Kumon centre near my school, but since I not very good with my english, i would like somebody to perhaps show me an example of how you would ask, if a job position if available. It would be perfect if you would type out exactly what you would say if you wanted to know if the job position is available. Thank you for your assistance. ^_^

um, lets could say: "Hi. Im so and so. Im a student at the school (point in direction of your school). I was wondering if such and such a position was available." I hope that sounds good :)

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