How to address mail to a group and only display one recipients name at a time?

Personalize an email that I'm sending to a group
Not Outlook. Using Yahoo mail.

If you have Outlook and all the contacts you want to send to are in your Contact list, simply type the 1st letter of each person's first name. Seperate each email with a semi colon.

How to check your mail you sent to contacts on here?

I sent a message to one of my contacts on here and im just wondering how to see their response? I tried just the regular mail in the top right corner but it doesnt show i sent the message or that he replied anywhere on there. Is there a special way to do it since i dont know their email, i just clicked on their contact and wrote the message and hit send?

It showed be sent to your regular mailbox. The other person has not responded yet.

How to block ALL yahoo groups from putting items on my calendar?

Is there any way of making it so that no Yahoo groups can put items onto my Yahoo calendar? I see that I can go to the Yahoo calendar page and unsubscribe to each group one by one, but I want to set a blanket prohibition so that NO Yahoo groups can put anything on my calendar. How do I do that?

Log into Then type into your browser. This will bring up your calendar page. On the left-hand side of the Yahoo!Calendars page is a list of calendars you are subscribed to. Unsubscribe to all calendars which you don't want. (I put in only "US Holidays"). Otherwise, on the top line of your calendar there is an "Actions" button. You could go there and type "Unsubscribe" but you'll have to check each one individually. But once done, you are done.

How to set Yahoo mail to only allow people in the contacts list?

We receive so much JUNK mail how do we stop that. Only want mail from our contacts.

check it out it in options yahoo

address to contacts how to?

in new format I don't see a way to insert addresses from my conttacts list

>Click on "Compose or Forward >Then click directly on the + sign next to TO---or CC-or BCC, (whichever address line you want the names inserted on)---and your mailing list opens. >Click on ONE name FIRST AND THEN, hold down the "ctrl" key WHILE clicking on all the others you want to send this email to. >Click OK. All those addresses will be inserted on the address line you first selected. IN other words----whichever address line you FIRST click on (the + sign) to open your mailing list ----is the line that the contacts will be entered on.

How to import my contacts and calenders from iphone to computer?

I don't know how to transfer my cantacts and calender from iphone to my computer? please share the tips with me? Thanks

1. Ensure you have the latest version of iTunes by clicking Help and then Check for updates from your iTunes program (currently latest version is 8.0.2 as of 02/05/09). 2. Plug in your iPhone and within a minute it should appear under devices on the left hand side of the iTunes program on your computer. 3. Click the iPhone icon there and then click the info tab from the list that comes up on your main iTunes screen. This screen will give you the options to sync calendars and contacts to your computer. 4. Once you have the options selected, press apply at the bottom right corner of your iTunes screen and then press the same button that should say sync and you are good to go.

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