How to change my E-mail password to be different from att passwords?

I want my e-mail password to be different from the AT&T ones,but can't seem to do it?

Maybe, i can be of some help - Duane. Visit this websites for further help: If, you want a strong password it should consist of Higher and lower case letters plus numbers and symbols.

how to stop others for accessing my account?

I keep finding that other users around the world are getting into my account. I have done everything suggested by you and it is still happening. What do you suggest I do now?

If you have a very strong password and good unique secret questions and answers, others will not be able to crack the account. Remember, Length = Strength for passwords - it only takes a few hours to crack an y 8-character password. Always sign out of your account instead of just closing the web page. Never use 'Remember me' for any account - sign in each time. Have good constantly-running security programs for anti-virus and malware as well as a two-way firewall program, not just Windows firewall. Scan your computer for malware frequently - at least once a week, since you have been broken into so often. Use Safe Mode with Networking the first time (Re-boot and keep clicking F8 until the dark screen appears, then use the arrow keys and Enter to select. Once you regain control of your account, change ALL security settings, starting with the alternate e-mail address FIRST so the hacker won't be notified - password, secret questions and answers too. Make the password at least 12 characters long with mixed symbols, and invent your own secret questions which nobody could guess. Start with a memorable sentence and make logical substitutions and additions. See for more tips on creating a strong password (and what NOT to use) Answers is a Jungle Source(s):

How to avoid the update contact details for yahoo account page?

Every time I sign in to my yahoo account I'm being asked to add a mobile phone number so that yahoo can contact me in case it's needed. I don't have a phone and I don't want to give a fake in case the do actually contact me at some point in the future. I hate that I have to go through this page every time I sign in. Is there a way to permanently avoid this prompt?

This doesn't happen to me. When you sign up, use a fake name and a fake birthday. They really have no reason to call you but make up a fake phone number - if it belongs to someone else that person will simply say "Wrong number." Security experts advise that people never give out their real name or correct date of birth. This is all hackers need to start making a fake ID.

How to change email on yahoo without starting a new account?

So wanna know how to change my email without starting a new a account is this possible?

If you open an ALIAS account you will not lose anything (contacts, address list, saved mails, folders.) If someone sends mail to the old e-mail address, it will go to the same Inbox so you don't lose any messages. There is then a drop-down menu at the right in From: where you can choose which address to use to send mail. Use it just as you would your primary address (which of course you can still use). You can send and receive email from either address from the same Inbox ... To create a new alias (maximum of 6): - Go to your Account Information page. (Options, Mail Options, General, list on left) - Make sure you are signed in, go to Account Settings ... - Click Create extra e-mail address (or Manage your Yahoo Aliases) and enter the desired alias you would like to associate to your account ... - Be sure to click Save ... If you want to make your secondary Yahoo e-mail address as your primary address, you can click on Options > Mail Options > Account Information > Password again. Once in your account you will see E-mail Information. Click to designate which one you want as your primary, then click SAVE ... Answers is a Jungle

How to link my parent account to my childs account on toontown?

My Daughter has been bugging me about it all week and I just need to get it done. I really have no clue as to doing this.

1. Go to the Toontown home page so 2. There will be tabs to click on at the top. Next to the Toontown Logo, there will be a list saying Toon HQ, About, Membership, Parents, Help. Click on the MEMBERSHIP tab. 3. After that, you will see more tabs below it. Click on Account Manager. 4.Log in with your PARENT account. 5. You will see your Account ID and a button next to it. The button will say, "Link An Account?" 6. Type in your CHILD'S account and you have successfully linked the parent account with the child account.

How to recover deleted files from 4 shared from an unactivated account ?

I created my account on 4shared and saved some of my important files
.Now i want them back but their site said me that my account is now deactivated and all preferences and files have been deleted.
Please someone tell me how to recover these files ?
This is urgent and i do not want to make my account premium.

If the account is deleted then so are the files that were in it You can try this,but no promises. Lost and Deleted Emails and Contacts. Always click on Trash folder first they may still be in there,if not, click on the link below and if it's been less than 24 hrs there is a chance to get them back. Try this for lost contacts. Good luck. RogeR

How to recover a permanently deleted file on the J drive?

I accidentally deleted a file at work that's on the "J" drive, a local drive on my computer. I can't seem to recover it even with file recovery programs, because those programs only recover files from the hard drive - the C drive. Does anyone know how to do this? The file I am trying to recover is some notes I took that I can't replace, for work.

All your files are still stored on the hard drive. They're just invisible or inaccessible. You can recover them with data recovery software. I used this one to recover files from my infected laptop and it worked. Anyway, you can download it and scan your hard drive for free to preview whether you can recover your data. It will show you the file name, type, date and size of your files and thumbnails for your pictures that it found on your drive. Hope this help!

How to recover old sent items from yahoo account after the account got deactivated?

Hi Guys,
I have been using this yahoo email since 2000(Perhaps December). That time, if the accounts are not used for certain periods of time, then it get deactivated. Mine was also deactivated for the same reason, but I got it reactivated again.

Not my problem is I need to recover certain email which I sent before it was deactivated. Is there any way to recover those email? Can someone help me? Thanks!!!

There is a very limited time when you can retrieve deleted so it might not be possible ... If the contents of the account were deleted, or the Address Book, act NOW! There is only 48 hours for recovery of the mail, and there are no guarantees. The Restore Help form depends on the mail you use. Read this Yahoo Help page first for details ...;_ylt=AtMw_Wops0XuZB72mW1S5BCFm3tG Classic Mail: Regular Mail: OR: Click Contact Us on the Help page, and sign in. Click the Yahoo! Mail Restore Help Form and fill it out ... NOTE: That request will delete all e-mails in the Inbox since the 'Restore' date, so keep moving these to another folder, forward to another e-mail address, or read and delete ... Check the Spam folder if there is no reply in your Inbox from a Yahoo! Technical Support Agent ... If you need to restore your Yahoo! Address Book (Contacts), please fill out the following restoration form and one of the Yahoo! Address Book agents will attempt to restore your Yahoo! Address Book. This is only possible for 10 days but is worth a try ... or, click Help on the mail page, then Contact Customer Care. The Live Chat button takes a few seconds to show up, but it will. If not, wait and refresh the page ...;_ylt=AmCHkDdTEi0iY55OLdFsOjh2x3hG?last_url=

How to recover deleted contacts from iPhone 4?

I accidentally deleted a contact from my iPhone 4, and i have no idea how to recover it. I back it up with iCloud, btw. Thanks!

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How to delete an email account for a deceased family member?

My brother passed away in December and we need to delete his yahoo email account.

My sincerest sympathy for you loss. I recently lost a family member too, and its very difficult Unfortunately, the Yahoo Terms of Service say there is no Right to Survivorship, as far as email is concerned. No one else can close an account for someone. I can see where they would make this a policy, as its a personal thing to people. There's no way to verify what the relatives intentions are, or the situation that exists for sure. They have all the kinds of families in the world to deal with. They dont know what people might uncover, or even be looking to uncover. Yahoo just plays it safe and deals only with the account owner. So, its a good policy. Your only options are: After there is no log in for 120 days, the account will go dormant and delete. There's some add'l time for years that the person has had the account. Something like add'l 2 months for every year( Im not sure) You could try going to the log in page and clicking forgot password, and see if you can guess the secret questions and gain access. If you can, then you could close the account here. Take Care

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