How to get inclusive mobile minutes without a contract

Pay As You Go mobile plans generally do not include inclusive minutes - however, many people still prefer PAYG as it is a good way to effectively control and budget spending on calls - it is impossible to rack up huge voice and data bills on PAYG as you can spend what you have topped up. In addition many people do not like the idea of being tied into a contract whether it is a rolling 1 month contract or a 12 or 24 month contract. Mobile phone contracts on the other hand often include generous inclusive minutes and texts. Read on to find out how you can get the best of both worlds.

Join GiffGaff Mobile

GiffGaff is a SIM-only mobile provider running on the O2 network. There are no contracts on GiffGaff - you can order a free SIM from them which is activated by your first £10 topup. One unique thing about GIffGaff is the use of Goodybags. Goodybags are 'packages' of free minutes, texts and data that last for a month and start from £5.

Goodybags - For instance, for just £10, you get 250 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited Internet from your phone. The highest priced Goodybag is £25 and gives you 1500 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited web. The minutes however, cannot be rolled into the next month so it must be used up within one month.

You can call also call other users in the GiffGaff network free without using any of your inclusive minutes so even if you have no prepay balance or no active Goodybags, you can still make calls to your friends and relatives on GiffGaff for free (as long as you remember to hang up after every 60 minutes and redial). You do have to top-up or buy a Goodbybag at least once every 3 months for this feature to remain active.

You can make 0800 calls completely free - even if you have no credit or active Goodybags.

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