How to call 0800 freephone numbers from your mobile for free or using your inclusive minutes

0800, 0808 or 0500 numbers (also known as freephone numbers) may be free from your landline but they are certainly not free on most mobile networks. In fact, they are often not included in your inclusive mobile minutes and can prove quite expensive. Read on to find out how to call these numbers as part of your inclusive minutes or even for free!

  1. Use a bypass service. One such service is All you do is dial the provided geographical number, and at the prompt, enter your desired freephone number. Since geographical numbers come under your inclusive minutes the call is effectively 'free'. Even if you don't have any inclusive minutes left, it is still cheaper than calling the freephone number direct.
  2. Switch to the GiffGaff network. With a GiffGaff SIM, you can call 0800 numbers completely free and none of your inclusive minutes are used up. Click here for our article on all the benefits of getting a (free) GiffGaff SIM card.

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