How to port Forward on a Sagem 1704 Windstream Router for Minecraft Server?

I want to make a server put I don't know what to do. I'm really lost on the next part. I looked on a port forwarding guide, but they didn't have my router. Any help would be nice. Thanks.

Bellow is my guide to Port Forwarding. If you still need help I can take a look at it for you. If you need any more help, just ask. Also remember I am always available for LIVE remote-access and E-Mail support when ever needed. Good Luck! *TO PORT FORWARD* If you have a windows machine I would suggest using "Windows Key"+"R" and typing in "CMD" and pressing enter (return). This will launch CMD.exe (command shell/dos prompt). *Keep this window open!* Type in "ipconfig" and press enter. This will return a lot of numbers and tech-stuff but all you need to focus on is looking near the top for "Default Gateway". Take the numbers (example: and type them into your internet browser, and press enter. This will bring you to the default config page of your router. Enter a username and password If it requests one. If you forget yours go to "" , search for your router, and enter the username and password provided. If this does not work; hold down the reset button for 10 seconds and let the router restart. This should reset the user/pass to the manufactorers default. Every router will be different, but it should be under "Advanced settings". Click 'Port Forwarding' (often confused with virtual server) and make sure the Port is correct (most likely under the TCP feild) and that it is pointing to your INTERNAL IP (which in ipconfig is labeled under "IPv4 address" in the prompt you brought up in the first step.) DO NOT FORGET: Firewall rules take priority over Port-Forwarding rules. Some routers may automatically open the port in the firewall when you port forward, but other times you must manually add the port and set it to "allow" in the firewall. If the firewall blocks the port; all port forwarding is useless because traffic isn't allowed through the firewall.