How to not go to College and not let parents find out?

I graduated High School a couple months ago, nd I am not planning on going to College, I want to look for a Full Time job somewhere but I don't want my parents knowing right now. How do I not go to College and not let them find out? Will the College mail home things or call telling me that I am not going?

If you have gotten into a college and do not plan to attend, contact them right now and make sure they know that. Otherwise, you could be billed for certain things, and end up owing them money even though you didn't go there. So your first order of business is to contact them. As for your parents - I feel it's best to be honest. This would be a massive lie, and when they find out you lied - and they will eventually find out - it will be considered a significant betrayal of trust. You're an adult now. When adults need to break bad news to someone, they do it as quickly as possible - but they also *do it*. They don't evade the issue. You're not a kid - tell your parents your plans. Be a man about this.